Sullair RDHL Series Dryers Oil-free air with our Rental Dryer Package.We guarantee it. Sullair responds to market needs To meet the increasingly stringent air quality requirements for process equipment, instrumentation, and other sophisticated applications, Sullair responded to your customers’ needs and developed a compressed air system that is virtually contaminant-free.

The Sullair Oil-Free System The System consists of a Sullair rental compressor and a RDHL regenerative dryer and filter package. The system delivers air that contains no aerosols, no particulate larger than 0.01 micron and less than 0.01 parts per million of liquid lubricant contaminants. The dry air is filtered to remove atmospheric particulate, liquid aerosols and other pollutants to provide compressed air for the most critical application.

The Sullair Oil-Free Guarantee Sullair assures that this oil-free system will meet specified performance levels throughout its operational life. We offer a one-year test/review period—backed by a purchase refund guarantee—to verify performance of the Sullair Oil-Free System.

Instrument Quality Air The air from the Sullair Oil-Free System meets or exceeds the most stringent ISO standard (ISO 8573.1) for air quality. The Sullair Oil-Free System is not intended to remove carbon monoxide, methyl isocyanate or other noxious, corrosive or toxic gases, vapors or fumes