Compressor Parts & Services

With expertise cutting-edge solutions across so many industries, we have provided various solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. Emerging EPC offerings have helped turn our clients’ operations around and steered them towards a positive path.

Installation & Commissioning

We have extensive global experience with the technologies across of various industries. Where we supply equipment, we can carry out all of the installation and associated works as a full turnkey service or as required. Especially in such situations you want the assurance that equipment is correctly installed, so that you can resume full operations reliably within the shortest possible interval.

Our service technicians and field engineers can supervise the installation and commissioning to ensure the equipment is safely and properly installed and tested. Their experience is invaluable in eliminating problems and minimizing time and cost.

Depending on your demands, we can offer full turnkey solutions, and after installation we will continue to provide all the necessary parts and advice to maintain, and often improve, the performance of the installation throughout its product lifetime.

We maintain a complete installation and service record of equipment we support.

Spare Parts & Retrofiting

Our performance upgrade teams are specialists in extending the life of our equipment. Often called retrofits these projects come about as a result of technology improvements which allow us to upgrade the equipment and improve its performance.

They can always be successfully completed where there is a need for changes in the process conditions or operating parameters and will usually deliver reduced cost of ownership in use. Our success in constantly meeting, and usually exceeding, the expectations of our customers is firmly founded on communication and flexibility.

We talk every job through fully, in advance, to make sure we know exactly what is required. We keep our customers fully informed about the procedures we recommend. We provide comprehensive information about any recent advances that might improve the outcome and reduce operating costs. That is how we deliver the best possible results, every time.

We have defined our plans as a guide towards choosing the best option, or you can tailor your own through our package, so, you may enjoy required services into a more economic and flexible structure under the Emerging EPC Care.

  • Minimize cost of ownership.
  • Decrease equipment downtime.
  • Maximize availability and efficiency.
  • Improved level of service and performance.
Troubleshooting, Maintenance And Overhaul

We provide a multi-platform aftercare service built on main key requirements for maximizing performance and durability. Our maintenance ideas is that a combination of quality spare parts, ongoing maintenance by skilled engineers, and periodic improvements and upgrades will keep your equipment in the best condition.

The commissioning of one of our systems is the culmination of many months of design, testing, manufacturing and installation. Partnering with our global brand supplier is the key to continuous, efficient plant performance with minimum downtime once it’s up and running.

To ensure that replacement parts are accurate in every respect, they are produced using the original production drawings and specification, and they are covered by full warranties. Because Howden equipment is subject to continual improvement, however, we may recommend an upgraded replacement where this will improve reliability or efficiency.

Where appropriate, we can also provide a turnkey service for spare parts, enhancement and upgrades, taking care of the whole process from manufacture to installation and commissioning.

Engineering & Technical Upgrading

We will consistently update your technical knowledge, this is essential to ensure that your equipment will continue to operate reliable.

Knowledge update is required to recognize situations that may affect the efficiency of your operations. Not just for the equipment itself, but also from an overall process efficiency point of view.

We have a choice of methodical and proven training packages covering the technology, and the use and maintenance of your equipment. Our training packages can be customized to your requirements and delivered in the way that suits you best.

  • On-site approach
  • Classroom-based package at either your premises or ours

All our courses will enhance your knowledge and skills and is the route to improved understanding and more efficient usage of our products.

Technical Training

Emerging Engineer providing on-site & off-site training to Compressed Air companies/owners on operating, maintaining and servicing of Air Compressor and Air Dryer Products. Our on-site classes are held at our Emerging HQ in Puchong, and are taught by Experience Engineer that have more than 20 years experience in Compressed Air Systems.

Training Topics

  • Mechanical Theory
  • Control System Theory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Purification Systems
  • Compressed Air Drying Systems