Full Suite of Separation Applications

  • Alkylation units
  • Hydroprocessing units
  • Caustic treaters
  • Amine treatment
  • Fuel gas & burner protection
  • FCC units
  • Intermediate and final product dehazing & filtration
  • Reformers
  • Sour water strippers
  • Crude desalting
  • Analyzer protection
  • Boiler feed water
  • Glycol dehydration
  • Potable water
  • Process & waste water treatment
  • Produced & soure water treatment
  • Waterflood operations

Pall Drives Productivity, Reliability, Optimization and Environmental Control

Market Segment Advantaged Application
Injection water /EOR Produced water
Oil and Gas Injection Water
Acid Gas Treatment
Glycol Dehydration
Adsorbent Dehydration
Condensate Dewatering
Mercury Removal
CO2 Removal-Membrane
Gas Processing
Amine sweetening / Gas Dehydration Condensate Dewatering
Refinery Acid Gas Treatment
Caustic Treating
Hydro Treating
Mercury Removal
Final Product
Cryogenic Protection Mercury Removal
Petrochemical Ethylene – Quench Water
Ethylene – Molecular Sieve Protection
Ethylene – Feed Treatment
Ethylene – Burner Protection / Green Oil
Ethylene Oxcide / EG-Benfield Filtration
Ethylene Glycol – Final Product Filtration
Cumene / Phenol – Water from Propylene
Cumene / Phenol – CHP Treatment
Injection Water / EOR Gas Dehydration
Chemical H2O2 – Secondary and Tertiary Filtration
H2O2 – Crude Coalescer and removal of water from WS
H2O2 – Final Product Purification
Ammonis-remove aerosols from feed gas
Polymer Ammonia-remove oil from liquid NH3
Carbon Fiber