About Emerging EPC

Emerging EPC Sdn Bhd is a system integrator specializing in customized Oil & Gas Equipment and Process packaging that cater to growing international demand across various countries. With decades of extensive knowledge and field experience, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that address our clients’ business and operational objectives. Our track record of success includes on-time delivery, testing, and commissioning.

At Emerging EPC, our foundation is built on integrity, competency, and high-value offerings that adhere to stringent HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) standards. Our steady growth and recognition over the years are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

We are proud to have our solutions effectively applied across diverse industries, including Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Future Energy, and many more.

Emerging EPC is steadfast in our commitment to sustainable growth, and we are excited to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles in our business operations. Our initiatives in this direction are driven by our dedication to reducing our environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and maintaining the highest standards of governance.

Mission Statement

To be a world leading customized Energy Engineering & Process Solution system integrator.

Vision Statement

Emerging EPC aims to achieve business success through the:

  1. Development of well-defined Oil & Gas Equipment and Process Solution that provide greater value through adoption of latest technologies and operation systems.
  2. Development of transformative oil & gas process solutions that enhance value chain through cutting edge technology.
  3. Holistic provision of sound engineering advice and service-built on years of experience and support frointernationally acknowledged brands.

Core Values

Our core values are based on three simple principles: Value, Transparency & Integrity.


We believe that you deserve the best in terms of Value. Everything is based on your requirements and specifications. That means we see things your way while finding the best values to achieve your objectives.


We hold ourselves to a high standard of transparency in our provision of services and supply of products. Accurate digital transformation, data analytics and effective communications enable better solutions that enhance overall customer value.


Every project that we undertake is done to exacting standards set by our clients. Project deliverables are also measured against regularly updated HSE requirements to ensure all considerations are held to the highest possible standards. This includes the creation of systems that minimize environmental impact, reduce health risks and maximize operational safety.

What We Offer

As one of Malaysia’s pioneers with significant local engineering involvement in Air Compressor, Gas Compressor, Power Generator and Nitrogen Generator System Integrator, we provide:

  • Needs-based engineering services;
  • Careful management of time and high specification projects;
  • Supply of custom-engineered systems and equipment to meet stringent application and site conditions;

Operational Reliability

At the heart of every successful project lies a combination of durable hardware and reliable software. When it comes to providing reliable holistic engineering solutions, we account for every possibility.


In our constant drive to develop cutting edge solutions, we manage all of our projects in-house using state-of-the art Computer Aided Design software. To help us meet your stringent business demands, our Filtration, Compressor & Generator engineers are trained to produce results that are compliant with the latest engineering standards.


Because of dramatic changes in the climate and increasingly demanding standards today, we understand that you expect the best in terms of quality and safety – packages that go the extra mile for you.In fact, operational extremes are part of our daily consideration.

Our solutions are optimized to perform even under the most extreme and unpredictable conditions. From the sweltering Middle Eastern heat to freezing -50C° Siberian temperatures, your systems will feel right at home.

Our Edge

Customizable Solutions

Our extensive hands-on field experience and close ties to our principals – Sullair, Pall, FS-Elliot, Exakta, FPI allow us the freedom to combine the world’s best technologies into a solution that is just right for you.

Optimized Values

Our unique business approach helps identify and eliminate most operational, process and equipment redundancies; helping you to save on precious resources and generate greater returns-on-investment.

Cost Management

Our extensive database of sub-vendors enables us to create cost-effective sub-assemblies that improve delivery, accuracy and component reliability.

Continuous Improvement

For over 20 years, compressor & generator engineering improvement remains one of our top priorities. We maintain our high standards of engineering knowhow through heavy investments in research and development, training and effective communications. These approaches give rise to innovative solutions that enhance overall customer value and safety.

Quality Delivery Infrastructure

Team synergy is an integral part of our quality delivery infrastructure. Each member of every project team is handpicked not only for their filtration, compressor & generator project experience and talent, but their ability to synergize on value creation with Sullair, Pall, FS-Elliot, Exakta, FPI .

Industrial Recognition

Our certified engineers’ contributions have been featured throughout many landmark projects in Southeast Asia Oil & Gas industries – from screening, conceptual studies, design, fabrication, testing and commissioning.

Our Company Profile

Global Network

Our connection to an international network of filter, compressor and generator principals; access to specialized equipment and parts; and professionally certified in-house engineers allow us to resolve even niche Replacement, Retrofit or Overhaul requirements.

Rental & Leasing

Emerging EPC’s One-Stop Rental Solution provides you with the flexibility to continually optimize your operations while maintaining strategic control of your Operation Expenditure. Equipment renting offer you the flexibility to customized needs & capacity over the life-cycle of your production wells without large capital investments. Renting equipment also gives you the flexibility to scale your equipment design with minimal footprint and meeting its operating environment.

Sustainable Co-creation

We believe in engaging and involving our clients throughout all stages of the filtration, compressor and generator project. Our unique philosophy of sustainable co-creation ultimately generates continuous returns for our clients – delivering satisfaction year after year.